Darlington Throwback Weekend vintage-clothing challenge | NASCAR

Tag along with Mamba Smith and Kim Coon as the duo travels to Old Skool Outfitter in Greenville, SC, to pick out the ultimate Throwback Weekend outfit. Be sure to stick around to the end as Kyle Petty picks the winner of this friendly competition. #vintage #darlington #throwback #kylepetty #kimcoon #mambasmith #vintagestyle #nascar ---------- Subscribe to NASCAR on YouTube: https://nas.cr/youtube Check out NASCAR's Discord https://discord.com/servers/nascar-877239953174691910 Visit NASCAR.com for the latest news: https://nas.cr/nascar Checkout NASCAR's Discord http://discord.gg/nascar For more race day in-car cameras check out NASCAR Drive - https://www.nascar.com/drive Shop for your favorite NASCAR gear, diecasts and more: https://nas.cr/store Download the…

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