Vettel cast doubts over Alonso and Aston Martin’s future together

Sebastian Vettel has expressed doubts about the ability of the Aston Martin Formula 1 team and new driver Fernando Alonso to fulfil their goals of fighting for titles.

Old adversary Alonso, who will partner incumbent Lance Stroll on a multi-year agreement, will take over for departing F1 driver Sebastian Vettel at the Silverstone-based team. Vettel is leaving from the sport at the end of the current season.

The team is currently developing a new factory to improve their facilities, and Stroll’s father Lawrence is eager to get them fighting for victories and championships.

It’s all coming together now that the workers are in place and the new factory is being constructed, but it will take time “53-time Grand Prix winner gave an explanation.

“With the regulation changes this year, there was a big opportunity, but we made the same mistake as many other teams. Some teams may have got it lucky by creating a car with a practical riding height.”

Vettel added: “The teams that started strong will have an advantage over the ones that started poorly because these regulations are in place until 2026. Additionally, due to the budget cap, you cannot just use resources and money to catch up.”

Vettel: “Alonso doesn’t need any advice”

Alonso was replaced by Vettel at Ferrari in 2015, and his fellow World Champion will do the same at Aston in 2023 after growing dissatisfied with Alpine’s failure to extend an offer to him.

Alonso is about to join the fifth team of his long career, and Vettel thinks he doesn’t need any advice.

“Fernando doesn’t require any advice. I’m not sure he’s listening, but he doesn’t need it anyway “Vettel elaborated. He’s been around for so long and seen so much – he’ll be OK.”